Educational Outreach

Be the first to go to college

From the moment a student joins a TRIO program to the moment they graduate, our mentors guide students to achieve meaningful academic goals

This includes everything from improving GPAs, making a seamless transition to college, choosing the right career path, or even going back to high school to finish a GED. Ultimately, we prepare and motivate participants for higher learning.

Our TRIO Programs are 100% federally funded by the U.S. Department of Education. This means all services are FREE to participants. With the support of program advisors and mentors, our goal is to cultivate success for students and adults alike.

upward bound

Upward Bound targets high school students specifically in 9th-12th grade with all the support they need to get accepted, afford, and thrive in college.

Educational Talent Search

Educational Talent Search supports middle school students, high school students, and adults through college readiness and career exploration.

  • Alief ISD (Hastings & Taylor High School)
  • Fort Bend ISD (Hightower & Marshall High School)
  • Fort Bend ISD (Dulles & Willowridge High School)


  • Alief ISD
  • Spring Branch ISD

Are first-generation and eager to attend college

TRIO Programs are for students who……

Would like support with every step of the college application process, from college essays to picking first classes

Would like the opportunity to explore how their talents and passions align with future career paths

Need help understanding FAFSA, financial aid, scholarships, and potential ways to pay for college

Whether you’re a student or an advisor, reach out to let us know you’d like to leverage our resources to make the college process easier, and more fun too!

Clear the path to college with three easy steps

 Submit an application

There are certain qualifications students have to meet, like grade level and location, to qualify for one of the TRIO programs. Based on your criteria and your academic goals, we’ll help you decide which program we recommend.

Get connected with
a TRIO program

We work with students from the time they begin the program to the time they first transition to college. In addition to meeting them on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis at their school, we offer engaging activities for learning in between!

Reach your potential for success




College Readiness
Financial Literacy
AP & CLEP Test Prep
SAT & ACT Test Prep
Tutoring & College Mentoring
Scholarship Application Assistance
College Admission Assistance
Career Exploration
Academic Advising & Coaching

Get support on a variety of topics

We know it may feel like there are certain obstacles keeping you from a post-secondary education. But going to college doesn’t have to be so hard! Our mentors and academic advisors are here to support you with:

Expanding worldviews outside the classroom

We believe the best way to grow knowledge is to take what you’ve learned in the classroom and apply it to real life. These are some additional perks you’ll get access to through our TRIO programs — all designed to further your educational journey.

Interactive Workshops for Students and Parents

6-Week Summer Enrichment Program

Educational Field Trips

Cultural & Community Events

In-Person College Visits

Guest Speakers

Click the application that best represents your location and academic goals. We will then reach out personally to discuss what the path to college looks like for you!

Let’s move you toward an even brighter future

Upward Bound (Fort Bend)

upward bound (alief)

Educational Talent Search (Alief)

Educational Talent Search (Spring Branch)

upward bound
 (dulles & willowridge)